- A curated exhibit "Street Art Photography" by Street ART Toronto, Artusiasm Gallery, Toronto, ON. February 2019

- "2018 RBC Newcomer Spotlight" show on behalf of Claire Hopkinson, Toronto Arts Foundation & Toronto Arts Council, Stream Whistle Brewing, Toronto, ON. February 2019

- A curated exhibit "Click", Contact Photography Festival 2018, Arta Gallery, Toronto, ON. May 2018

- A curated exhibit "Through My Lens", Contact Photography Festival, Rosetta Gallery, Toronto, ON. May 2018

- A curated group exhibit "A Portrait", Propeller Gallery, Toronto, ON. May 2018 

- A juried group exhibition "Common Goods", Forest City Gallery, London, ON, December 2017

- Award Winner of RBC Arts Networks, Emerging Artists Council, Toronto, ON, October 2017  

- An exhibition selected and curated by Devan Patel, the owner and manager of the Project Gallery, Toronto, ON, October 2017 at Project Gallery

- A juried group exhibition "The Precious Land", Gallery 1313, Toronto, ON, August 2017

- A juried group exhibition "Where Home Is", Gallery 1313, Toronto, ON, August 2017

- A juried group exhibition "The Art of Politics", Propeller Gallery, Toronto, ON, July 2017

- Artists' Talk, Propeller Gallery, Toronto, ON, July 2017. 

- A solo exhibition "I, in Wonderland", Art Square Gallery Hub, Toronto, ON, July 2017​

in Iran:

- Saba Cultural and Artistic Institute (Sales of artworks by Iranian artists), Tehran, July – September 2012

- Mahe-Mehr Gallery (Photography group exhibition), Tehran, November 2011

- Art University of Tehran (Photography students’ group exhibition), Tehran. February – March 2010

- Firouze Photography Trip (Photo Festival), Tabriz (August 2010 for 7 days)

As Susan Sontag believes, "Photographs are a way of imprisoning reality... One can't possess reality; one can possess images--one can't possess the present but one can possess the past." 

As a photographer, I watch, I eye, I observe; and I watch, I eye, and I observe. I see things the way they might have never been seen before. I see people as they have never been themselves. Besides watching, all I record is my feelings toward things, people, happenings and life. To me, beauty has a variety of meanings.  How I feel something or someone or even how I look at happenings around me is all that matters. I don't record beautiful things. How I eye, feel and smell them is considered as beauty for me. 

Besides, I design and create portfolios. I portray people, I take pictures of artists' works, I photograph paintings, sculptures, drawings, installations. And then, I make books out of people's works. This aspect of photography has got me to know a lot of people from all walks of life, each telling his stories behind the artworks he has created. The experience so enlightening, so meditative, so inspiring... 

Bachelor of Art in English 

Master of Art in Photography




RBC Arts Access Fund, 2017

RBC Artist Mentorship Award, 2018 

​​Elsa Hashemi

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