​​Elsa Hashemi

“Remove the outside, and you find the inside”

Who are you when in your solitary room?

Who are you when you are put in a place out of it?

Do you both look like each other?

Which one of you is more similar to real you?

You may be one person. You may be many; each one distinct; each one a complete contradiction of the other.

Your “you” may be splitting into one piece and always be the same. Or, it may be splitting into many pieces and always change.


You may have a shared story with them. They may be a pillar on which you lean. Yet, they may not be allowed to your solitary room. 

Or, you may not be the real you in their company. 


The closest one to you...

Does it matter? 

Who really am I?

All I know is that I am transparent.

But transparency does not mean that I am visible. You may be able to see through me but it may not be me.

Or, I may not be the one that you see even if you are my family.

You may want to read the “me” that has never been written.

You may want to touch me into words.

The real “me” depends on: “I am with you. Or, I am without you.”

Or, maybe it doesn't! 

*This project includes 20 pictures each consisting of 4 pictures. The two on the right is me in my private world; and the two on the left are me being put in others' worlds, the closest of whom is mom. These pictures are taken from 2011 to 2014.