​​Elsa Hashemi

You: Crammed into a very small frame; mostly discoloured, blurred, disarranged, and disadvantaged… 

You have lost weight; you have gained some. You have cut hair; you have grown some. You have dyed your hair; you have greyed some. You have met new friends; you have lost some. You have experienced new happenings; you have missed some. You have got used to my not being around; you have missed some. You have been the truth; you have lied some.

I: Crammed into a much smaller frame; mostly unapproachable, unbodied, and unattached…

I have been cold; I have felt warm some. I have been awake; I have slept some. I have been alone; I have met some. I have had fun; I have felt lonely some. I have got bothered; I have got praised some. I have been forgotten; I have been remembered some. I have cried; I have laughed some.

Immigration: Losing two main senses: Touching & Smelling; 

and at the same time strengthening two other senses: Remembering & Feeling

*These pictures are taken since August 2015 when I moved to Toronto. They are all taken while video chatting with my loved ones.