Triptych Series

She blooms and grows with every single thorn that the nature brings to her......

This collection of pictures are my relationship to the nature, taken from 2018 onward.

A Relationship in Quarantine

These pictures are the result of creating relationship with my surroundings while being quarantined, laid off from work, and locked down at home, experiencing self-isolation during the Covid-19. The project started with the Pandemic (March 2020) onward....

I Gaze; Therefor, I am...

A gazer in the Pandemic.

This project started with Covid-19 (March 2020) onward.... 


Back in 2000, I started portraying my life. Before, I used to have a diary for ten years in which I was writing about my everyday life, dreams and emotions. When I started shooting myself, I did not write anymore. 

The first series of my photographs are taken back home, filled with a variety of emotions, influenced by the society, companions, family and love. The second series are taken in 2015 when I left my homeland in search of a new life. The pictures are so blurred, as my life here in Canada. And the last series are taken in 2019; the dreamland is beautiful, still vague though. 

This Project continues.....

Life in Calendar

With every sunrise, I may have different feelings which can totally differ in the sunset. 

On the first day of August 2015, I stepped on a different land which was too far from my homeland and I had to get used to different names on the map. 

This collection of pictures shows what I have been experiencing as an immigrant during each month since then. 

These 48 canvases symbolize the forty eight months that I have lived in this wonderland each including a phrase which shows how I was experiencing my new life in that month.  



This project continues…

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